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Welcome to the world of play and sports!

Our local channel partner in Denmark is Maxplay.

Maxplay Aps

Falkevej 5 
4600 Køge

+45 70 20 93 93

Finnish companies and individuals are teaming up to build kids’ playgrounds in Lviv and Kyiv, Ukraine. The Hartwall family is the driving force behind this “Joy of Play” cooperation. The key partners in the project are Lappset Group and kids’ wear brand Reima. Additionally, donations from dozens of other corporations and private individuals through the Ukrainaid initiative are enabling the building of the two playgrounds
The need for humanitarian aid is growing all the time in Ukraine. Johanna Ikäheimo, Chair of the Board of Directors of Lappset Group Oy, Tero Ylinenpää, CEO of Lappset Group Oy, and Ilkka Länkinen, Managing Director of SantaPark Oy, have asked their employers to refrain from paying their wages in March. At the same time, they are challenging the chairpersons of the boards of companies and the managing directors to participate in providing humanitarian aid for Ukraine.
Rahkola's Master’s thesis examines landscape history and landscape impacts of the mining industry.
Lappset Group has unanimously decided to withdraw its business from the Russian market by ceasing its exports of playground and outdoor sports equipment as well as theme parks as of the 28th of February 2022 until further notice.